How to Identify your body shape!

Knowing your personal body shape can be very helpful for choosing the right clothing and lingerie that will compliment your best features and improve the


Boudoir and how it changes you

Boudoir is more than just beautiful photos of yourself.  It’s a life changing experience that teaches you to love the skin you’re in and embrace


Finding the perfect boudoir outfit!

Choosing an amazing boudoir outfit for your session can be frightening. However don’t let it scare you too much! It’s important to start shopping for


You’re never too old for boudoir

When it comes to being old, age is just a number. If your age is preventing you from doing something extraordinary like a boudoir session,


How boudoir was born.

Boudoir – It’s French for a woman’s private bedroom or dressing room. Long ago, in the early 1920s, boudoir photography was considered tasteless and degrading.

Finding the right pair of shoes!

Shoes or no shoes? So, you’ve found your sexy lingerie and outfits. Now what? There are so many types of shoes to select from! The