It’s time to get your Sexy on!! with a boudoir photo session!

I need to lose more weight

I don’t know how to pose to look sexy

I feel nervous and uncomfortable

I don’t know what to wear

Which one of these is your excuse ??? Here are the answers to your questions.

Every woman is beautiful, no matter their shape, size, color, or what life has thrown their way. Who said curvacious is not sexy? You need to know that you are as hot as all the ladies in the magazines and a boudoir session might be just what you need to boost your confidence. Maybe all you need is a trip to your hairdresser and a makeup artist to lead the way to my studio.

A trip to the hairdresser might be all you need
A trip to the hairdresser might be all you need

Boudoir is also an opportunity to celebrate a weight loss journey, or the recovery of an illness.

No need to worry about posing, I will guide you through the whole session showing you how to pose to flatter your body and make your features stand out.


You will be set up in a candlelit room and I will offer you a glass of wine. You will enjoy a calm atmosphere with soft music where you will be able to relax and feel good about yourself. There will be just you and I in the shooting room.

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Feel free to wear a cute bra and panty set under your loved one button shirt. A little more daring? Wear a little teddy, a hot bra and panty set. Some thigh high stockings with a garter belt or even that cheerleader outfit you have hidden away. Don’t worry I won’t tell!!!

Bring his favorite shirt
Bring his favorite shirt

It might even be a ball gown or an outfit you would never wear in public or bare all by doing silhouette nudes. Take advantage of this time to go out shopping for something new. I can help you make anything sexy! If you feel good you will look good.

Bring your favorite cocktail dress
Bring your favorite cocktail dress

You will receive a PDF guide with tips on how to prepare yourself for your session. A consultation is also available to discuss your wardrobe and help you find the perfect outfits.

I would love to photograph you because I’m sure you have an incredible story to share.

Let me create pure fabulous moments of your life. Call today at 613-841-1469 to e-mail me so I can capture your beauty.