Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Looking to Surprise your Better Half?


Your wedding anniversary is just around the corner and you have no idea what
you will give your husband. You want to surprise him with something that will
make his heart race faster and make him want to cook and clean the house for

A boudoir session is your opportunity to tell your husband that you love him by being captured in an intimate, romantic, sensual way. It’s your opportunity to remind him how much you care about him or re-kindle your relationship. It’s also a great opportunity to take ownership of your body. You know the one you lost after you became the super women mom and wife!!

I recently worked with Amélie on a bridal boudoir project after posting a model
search in my Facebook page.

When I opened the door I was captured by her smile, her eyes and thought she was a beautiful curvy women. I was captured by her grace, her fashionable look and considered myself very lucky to have such a great model to work with.

Amélie explained that this session came at a very good time in her life because her wedding anniversary is coming up and she also needed it to boost her confidence.

In my opinion, I think she belongs on the cover of a magazine!!!

For all of you who hesitate in having a boudoir session done, watch this slideshow and see what Amélie had to say about her session. I hope this testimonial brings you great comfort because it left me speechless.