Boudoir Play Book – LGBTQ Couple

same sex boudoir

A complimentary boudoir session is offered to all brides that sign a wedding contract with me. Marg and Nikki choose to share it together. These two are just the sweetest together.   What’s the best part about the Little Black Book?  

Why you should consider fake eyelashes

fake eyelashes for boudoir s

Your boudoir session is coming up and you are wondering whether or not you should have fake eyelashes. The answer is yes!!! The more eye products we use such as mascara as we get older, the more our eyelashes fall out so therefore fake eyelashes have become very popular over the years.

The ultimate gift for your husband to be

bridal boudoir photos for the spouse to be

What do you buy the man who has everything? Bridal boudoir photos is a personal and unique gift. This is one gift that your groom isn’t going to forget anytime soon! Bridal boudoir sessions not only capture the excitement and anticipation of your special day, it’s also the perfect way to make that wedding night […]

Little Boudoir Black Book Just for Her

ittle black book for boudoir photos

Have you ever wondered what you would do with your boudoir photos? Most of my boudoir clients opt to purchase the Little Black Book to show their new sexy photos. The Little Black Book allows the client to present her photos as a complete story in a quality album that can be kept private. What’s […]

What’s the best part about the Little Black Book?

boudoir album for husband

  Chic, sexy and elegant, the Little Black Book is simply stunning! This album is the best way to immortalize your session and discretely present your boudoir photos to the one you love. Miss M’s Little Boudoir Black Book

Classy Action with Ultimate Satisfaction

before and after boudoir makeup

One of the most important aspects of beautiful boudoir photography is professional makeup. As you probably know, most of us women get stuck in a makeup rut, and often don’t know the best ways to bring out the color of our eyes, enhance our cheekbones or flatter our lip shape especially on camera.

How a manicure adds to the visual interest of the photo

bad maninure for boudoir

Boudoir photography is not just about lingerie, lace, heels and jewelry. The nails is an important detail that is often forgotten and boudoir sessions is one of the times that a manicure matters because the tiniest details can make a big difference.   What to wear to your boudoir session.

5 Posing Guide Tips for Non-Models

boudoir posing

1.Turn your body slightly away from the camera. This pose will be more flattering and will reduce the visible width of your body, making you look slimmer.