Are you wondering how to frame your Wall Print?



You have just picked up your boudoir wall photo and you’re all excited to display your photo however you have no idea how to do it?

These 5 tips will help you with the process:

Choosing The Best Way To Display Boudoir Wall Print In Your Home

1) Choose your frame so it complements your photos rather than your wall or furniture. The frame will make your photo stand out and the day you decide to change your decor you will still be able to hang your photo with the same frame.

2) Consider custom framing as oppose to off the rank frame. A knowledgeable person can make a huge difference as they can guide you on preservation products like acid free mats and ultraviolet glass. Although a mounted and laminated photo should not require a glass.

3) Depending on the size of your photo, carefully choose where you will hang your photo. Your photo should fill the area. A small photo on a large wall will look like a stamp and a large photo on a small wall will be over empowering.

4) Avoid bathrooms with tubs or showers because the heat and humidity can damage your photo unless it is mounted on masonite and laminated. Avoid areas where the photo is exposed to direct sunlight.

5) Unless your photo is hung on top of a fireplace, it should be hung at the eye level for an average height person and six to 9 inch above sofa. Using the help of a laser level will ensure your photo is hung at the same height. Hang your photo with two hooks to keep them stable. You might need to use correct screws and wall plugs depending on your wall. A great place to hang boudoir photos are the bedroom, walking closet, being your significant other’s clothes.

I hope these tips were useful.

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