Another Luxury Boudoir Album

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Boudoir Album.

ottawa boudoir album

In the days where almost everything is digital, boudoir photos are more treasured than ever in a tangible product such as the 10×10 Boudoir album. This is a gorgeous way to remember such an uplifting experience.

This could be us. The fun I had with Miss C


This boudoir album contains 30 of your favorite photos. The covers begins with a vertical photo followed by the rest of the photos from that same background to the second outfit finishing with the third outfit. All photos are thoughtfully designed one by one so they have a nice flow into the album they are not just thrown into a software automatically designed on their own.

The cover can be black or white and wraps around the album. It comes into a satin envelope and a luxury box.

A great investment your will always treasure.

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