Another happy Pin-up client

Lise has been a client of mine since 2006.  She is not afraid to try something new and dramatic.  Everytime I see her she was a different hair style or color.  When I told her that I was offering Pin-up photographs she immediately jumped on the occasion and wanted the experience.  We had fun trying all sort of poses, costumes and props.  I was very impressed that she had taken the time to go to her hairdresser to have her hair and make-up done to reflect the 1950’s style.  Pin-up portrait is the opportunity for a women to feel sexy and playful without having to reveal too much.  Here is what Lise had to say about her Pin-up session.

“I made one of my daydreams/fantasies become a reality by simply calling the one and only Chantal Benoit THE photographer!

Pin-up photography, why not!  You too can be the Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Cheryl Ladd, Madonna, Tyra Banks or even the gorgeous Eva Longoria to name a few for a day.  It is truly an experience you must live and let us not forget a sexy way to spice up the bedroom for your flame.

Chantal has the people skills, creativity and work ethic to make any woman feel and look flawless.  When you enter her studio you instantly feel glamorous, sexy and most of all confident!  She has the charisma and personality to make anyone beautiful and sexy from the inside to out!

I know with Chantal Benoit as your choice of photographer you are guaranteed nothing BUT top quality work for an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Chantal, I would like to thank you for the different occasions I have experienced in your studio over the last few years!  This last one of pin-up was over the top!  You showed me that we can always feel 20!  I look forward to my many more experiences to come in your studio.

Best of luck for many more successful years that lie ahead!”

Lise M. Paris, Gatineau, Qc