The Fun Store!!!!

Sometimes naughty can be very nice. This store will provide you with the right amount of spice.

Back in September, I was approached by the Adult Fun Store to capture their products in order to promote them on their website. While I was there photographing all their wonderful toys!!! I noticed there was a section of lingerie and costumes.

The Adult Fun Store offers a variety of sexy lingerie
The Adult Fun Store offers a variety of sexy lingerie

Since I am a boudoir photographer, I went over to inspect and thought that it would be nice to promote them on my blog since many clients wonder what to wear and where to purchase their outfits.

Many costumers are displayed for your needs

They have simple lingerie such as lace outfits, bustier, underwear, shoes and pantyhose, but they also offer a variety of costumes. Whether you want to spice up the romance in your relationship, create a fantasy or attend a costume party, their playful costumes might just be what you are looking for.

Choose from a variety of shoes to compliment your outfit.

Visit them at 1565 St. Laurent Blvd or check out their website.

Psst …. You’ve missed the Christmas deadline, no worries, boudoir photography is an awesome sexy gift for Valentine’s Day.