Add a Little Sexy on your wedding day

gift for the groom from the bride

wedding day gift for the groom

Hold on to whatever you’re sitting in because I am about to knock your socks off, people!

My recent bridal boudoir session with the gorgeous Amanda, from Make-up design by Amanda, posing different products from VElle Design, yielded some serious steamy pictures, and I am beyond excited to share a few of them with you today.

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We did this session at my studio in Orleans because Valerie, the owner of VElle Design, wanted photos of her recent creations so she could sell them on Etsy. Valerie and I met at the April Wedding Show. She had a booth close to mine and one thing lead to another and we decided to get together to cross promote each other’s business. I felt that Valerie was very professional in her presentation and in the way she had displayed her booth.

I absolutely love the lace and tulle of her products which complimented my pink background and my 2 chaise lounge.


gift ideas for the groom from his bride

gift to give froom from the bride

 gift from the groom from the bride


It’s obvious that Valerie is very passionate about her work as her products are very feminine, show delicate detail and are of high quality. Her veils, underwear and garters are ideal for your wedding day and/or for a bridal boudoir. Guaranteed to bring sexy side effects on your wedding night!!!!


wedding gift for the groom from the bride


Amanda modeled 4 different outfits, from pink to white, to beige nude. Absolutely stunning!!!


what is a goof wedding gift for the groom from the bride


sexy groom's gift

Valerie can be contacted at 613-889-4275 or visit her website at, facebook page at or instagram page

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