A gift you and for someone else

A boudoir book is an amazing gift for yourself and for someone else at the same time.

That moment when you flip through your boudoir Album is special. It’s even more special when you surprise your significant other with your book on a special occasion or any day of the week. It’s a product that makes you want to touch and feel!

Miss T’s Sexy Birthday Gift


The cover is printed with one of your favorite photo. The pages lay flat giving a splendid view of your entire collection of photos remembering your entire experience over and over. Each page is a blank canvas therefore making sure your photos are properly displayed from one set up to another and each outfit.

Guaranteed to tell your story in a product that will live on forever. To love, to live to pass down through to your daughters or generations. To re-tell your unforgettable event. To present your photos in a way that will last forever.

Boudoir photos are just too beautiful to hide on a phone or computer.

See the jaw-dropping book Miss T did for her significant other.












Ready for your boudoir session? Don’t have any lingerie to wear? Don’t want to spend lots of money on new lingerie? No problem simply borrow something from my boudoir lingerie closet.

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