7 Myths About the Boudoir Photo Experience



There are so many misconceptions out there regarding boudoir photography.

With so many clients having their boudoir session for the very first time, I tend to come across a lot of these common myths when it comes to the boudoir experience and what it’s all about.

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Below you will find the 7 most common myths that I hear on a weekly basis at my studio:


1) You have to be young, and perfectly in shape to do a boudoir photo session.

Not at all. Have you seen my work? My clients come from all shapes, sizes and have different stories.

Do not think for one second that you’re not fit enough to have your photos taken. The boudoir experience is not about having the “perfect body”, it’s more about honoring the body that you do have and choosing to love and accept yourself.

With proper posing and angling techniques designed for each and every body type every client is photographed slightly different because everybody is unique.

2) Boudoir photos are taken for a significant other.

FALSE! Though you may choose to share your photos with your significant other, a boudoir session is an experience and a gift to yourself first. So many of my clients find incredible healing and build back their confidence through their session. Most of my clients take boudoir photos because they are on a journey of self-discovery and want to re-connect with their inner goddess. This is all about YOU.

3) My photos will be displayed all over the internet.

Only if you want them to be. You must give me permission to have your photos shared online. We will discuss this at the signing of the contract.

4) I have to be nude for my boudoir photo session.

You will never be required to go nude for your session unless you choose to do the tasteful nudes with a sheer. This is entirely up to you and your comfort level. You make this decision when you send me photos of your outfits 4 days before your session.

5) I won’t have a say in the editing.

While I have a consistent style of editing, additional reasonable edits will be honored as per client’s request. We discuss any additional edit requests during the viewing and ordering session.

6) A Boudoir Session is only for women with lots of disposable income.

With everything in life, you get what you pay for. Quality photos are an investment that will last forever. My photos often serve as an empowering experience for my clients for many years to come, which is why my clients value their experience and their photos enough to invest in them. For those who are unable to pay in full immediately, payment plans are available.

7) It is wrong to flaunt my body.

This is what some might tell you. However, your body is yours and only you and no one has the right to tell you what to do with it. Body shaming needs to end and thanks to boudoir photography, more women than ever are empowering themselves to take their bodies and their feminine power back while finding strength and confidence again.

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