5 Sexy Things you have in your closet

boudoir ideas with graphic Ts

Boudoir isn’t just about wearing lingerie.

The wardrobe you choose to wear might be just perfect for your boudoir session such as fun flannel, your significant other’s old t-shirt, your booty-flaunting cut-offs, that simple white shirts, tank tops and undies.

We all have pieces that we feel secure in and that will make you can feel sensual and seductive. You might be surprised to find out what pieces of wardrobe can look fabulous and flirty.

Check out these clever ideas as well as the pose when these goddesses are wearing their favorite pieces

1) The Kimono
According to Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimono it is a traditional Japanese garment, and the national dress of Japan. It is a T-shaped, wrapped-front garment and is worn left over right It is usually worn with an obi belt, alongside a number of other accessories, such as zōri shoes and tabi socks.

The Kimono Lingerie Ideas

How To Prepare For Your Boudoir Session.

It has changed over time and is now available in super trendy styles, multiple patterns, and lengths. They can be found anywhere from Walmart to Victoria Secret to local artisans. The number of poses done in robes are endless and versatile giving you a variety to choose from.

2) White Tank Top
Classic, sexy and adaptable, a simple tank top is something seen repeatedly at the studio. It can be cut, tug, rolled up or can be worn exactly how it’s meant to be worn. You just really can’t go wrong when you choose a tank top as they easily match everything!

boudoir photos with white tank top


3) Men’s White Shirt

A white men’s shirt goes with anything and there are a many poses and ideas that come along with this piece of wardrobe for your session. It’s better to roll up the sleeves and unbuttoned the shirt to reveal a bit of whatever is underneath. Add a tie or a hat as a prop to compliment the shirt.

boudoir ideas with men's white shirt


4) Graphic T-Shirts
These types of t-shirts usually have some meaning behind it whether it’s for her or her significant other’s band, video game, sports team etc. They look awesome with a cute pair of panties.

ideas with graphic Ts


5) Sweaters, Jackets & Coats
Sweaters come in all kinds of various styles;, off-the-shoulder, oversized, comfy and even cardigans. They can be great options that most of us have in our wardrobe. Jackets and coats are great too. Bring your favorite vintage faux fur, denim jacket, faux leather jacket, or your boss-babe blazer. All of these can be super sexy when they are paired with the right piece of underwear.

ideas with sweaters

These are some examples of what may be considered out of the box for your boudoir session. You can be just as sexy as a sheer teddy or lacy chemise.

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