5 Posing Guide Tips for Non-Models

boudoir posing

boudoir posing guide

1.Turn your body slightly away from the camera. This pose will be more flattering and will reduce the visible width of your body, making you look slimmer.

2. Avoid tilting your chin up unless the camera is above you . Yes, it will avoid a double-chin however it will create an up-nose photo that is not very flattering. Instead stretch the neck out and chin down pointing your nose just below the camera. This will define your jawline and make the rest of your body look smaller!

3. Bend the leg closest to the camera shifting your weight on the back hip. This will give you a beautiful curve in your booty & will lengthen your legs.

4. Smile with your eyes. Simply think of someone sexy like Tanning Chattum!! that should put a sparkle in your eyes.

5. Put your hands on your waist and not your hips. When your hand sits on the smallest part of your waist, it will slim down your waist.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips. Would love to see your selfies!!!

To learn more posing tricks, download my PDF on How to Pose with Confidence.

Posing guide


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