5 Places to hang your Boudoir Wall Print

where to hang boudoir photos in your home

where to hang boudoir wall print photos in your home

Boudoir photos can be displayed in books and albums however they can also be displayed in wall prints. Many of would question “Where would I put an enlarged photo of myself in lingerie?”

Hanging up a boudoir wall print over your sofa would not necessarily impress your mother in-law; however, your significant other wouldn’t mind!

There is so much time, thought and nervous sweating that goes into a boudoir session, many women want to remember their empowering experience with a wall print however just don’t know where to display the photo.

How To Display Your Boudoir Wall Print Photos Tastefully In Your Home


1. The Bedroom
This would be the most obvious choice as this is where the magic happens!! Placing your photos on a wall that is not immediately noticed when you open your door would be the best idea if you have nosey guests. Placing them next to a full-length mirror might remind you just how amazing you look every day.


2. The Master Bathroom
This might be another private place in your home especially if you have a soaking tub with wall space above it. It’s a perfect place to admire a tasteful nude of yourself as boudoir is a great confidence and self-esteem booster and a great way to remember your empowering experience. Display your photos where you and your significant other will enjoy seeing them.

3. The Walk-In Closet
If you want to keep your photos private from nosey in-laws and guests you might want to consider using your walk-in closet. The word “boudoir” is French for a woman’s private sitting room so it’s the perfect place where you keep all of your beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories and a great place to display an enlarged, empowering photo of yourself. If your walk-In closet doesn’t have the wall space to display your photo, you might want to consider hanging it behind your significant other’s clothes so he can take a peek at it every day while dressing up.

4. The Man Cave
When your man simply needs a break, why not give him a reminder of the gorgeous woman you are? Some clients gift these photos to their significant others so it would only make sense that he hangs them up in his man cave.

5. The Home Office
The home office might be the perfect location to display a boudoir photo discreetly. It may just be the right amount of motivation for your significant other to get his work done faster as well! Whatever kind of work that needs to be done in your home office, an empowering boudoir photo can create inspiration and creativity on the worst of days.

When thinking about your boudoir session, it’s hard not to think about what to do with the photos afterward. Whether you want a wall print, a book or an album, the product you choose will always help you remember your experience.

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