5 Myths about Boudoir Session or Lies you Tell Yourself

Boudoir for curvy women

Boudoir session for curvy women

5 Boudoir session myths.

1) I Need to Lose Weight – It’s my job to use lighting and poses that will flatter you. Woman from all shapes, height and sizes have been at my studio. Not only do I know how to make you look good, I enjoy making you look and feel like a super model.

2) I Need to Have a significant other to give these photos to – Says who? A boudoir session is all about celebrating YOU. If someone else happens to be in your life, that’s just a bonus. Take this opportunity to celebrate a milestone, birthday, anniversary or even a divorce. There’s something about seeing yourself through the eyes of a photographer. This transformation can literally change how you see yourself.

3) It’s too Expensive, or I Can’t Afford It – How often do you spend money on things or experiences that are fleeting such as that morning latte, the pedicures, the facials, dinners out… Why not treat yourself to an empowering experience.

4) I Don’t Feel Comfortable in Lingerie and I don’t want to be naked – You can wear a button-down shirt, a cardigan, an oversize sweater, a tank top and panties a silk robe or even a little black dress as they all work in place of traditional lingerie.

5) I Don’t Want my photos shared Online – Your trust and privacy is important therefore if you don’t wish to share your experience, that’s totally fine with me.

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