3 types of undies to make your tush look amazing

Tushy shots have become more and more popular and to take an awesome tushy shot, a good pose and flattering underwear need to be present.

It’s better to have underwear that is a bit too big because with the right posing, no one will even notice.

When shopping for the right underwear it is best to avoid thin straps such as thongs and g-strings.

Flattering underwear is all about the fit. Here are the 3 best types of underwear to make your tush look amazing!

Do you provide the lingerie?



These provide full tush coverage however the difference between the two is the angle at which they go from the lower bum to the hips. The height of the sides is shorter and strappy with a tanga cut. The one thing to watch out for on this style is the sides “strappy” as some of these styles will have a higher hip side that joins the front and back which is ideally what you want.



This style of undies goes straight around the waist and will cover just above the tush. It will extend the middle of the tush allowing the bottom of the tush to be seen. It’s a really sexy look for someone who has a fuller apple figure. If your tush isn’t as round you might want to avoid this style.


High waist underwear used to be called “granny panties” have made a comeback recently and they come in plenty of different styles that look elegant and are comfortable. They are flattering on any body type and should be part of every woman’s wardrobe selection. Pair them with high thighs for a vintage look.

Underwear with full tush coverage has become the most flattering on all body types and look amazing at the same time leaving a little to the imagination.


Now that you have a much better idea of what’s going to make your tush look fantastic, you should book your boudoir session at my Ottawa Private Boudoir Studio so I can show you just how flattering these styles can look on you.

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