3 Reasons your Boudoir Photos Look Unprofessional



Why do my boudoir photos look Unprofessional?

Here are 3 reasons why?

5 Things That Could Affect the Way You Look in Boudoir Photos

1) The Lighting is bad
If the lighting is poorly done, your photos will look unprofessional and very unflattering. Overexposure (the photo is too bright), underexposure, (the photo is too dark), on-camera lighting (making you look like a deer with headlights), lack of separation between you and the background, and racoon eyes (where your eyes are too dark, often because the light is too high) are all examples of poor lighting.

Good lighting will shape your face and body properly, add depth and dimension, so that you stand out from the background. Poor lighting can also add weight whereas as proper posing and lighting will make you look your best.

Natural light is not necessarily better than studio light so the decision to go for hotel rooms versus a studio is a matter of taste. Regardless of the setting you need an experience professional photographer who knows their craft.

2) Your poses look unflattering for your body type.
In general, you should look confident and feel beautiful. If your poses look unflattering, you will look stiff and nervous therefore lacking confidence. Unless you’re a professional model, it’s hard for most woman to pose themselves without a mirror for guidance. Let your boudoir photographer be your mirror. Choose a photographer who will notice details, who has experience and provide you with the guidance you need.  Confidence if a major key when it comes to boudoir.

3) Your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin are shiny.
Many women have oily skin that reflects light, resulting in shiny areas that commonly show up on features of the face. A professional makeup artist can help you with that, and you can also use blotting papers. Despite our best efforts, shine may appear in your photos. An experience photographer will be able to remove or tone down the areas through editing.

Bonus Tip:- Your skin tones are the wrong color
If your skin tones are too orange, red, green, or purple, then you need a different photographer. Most of these colors can be color-corrected with certain software’s however an experience photographer will give you quality photos with proper color balance.

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