20 Affirmation for better Self-Esteem

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20 Affirmation for better Self-Esteem

1. I am beautiful.

2. I am worth more than my appearance.

3. I am enough

4. I am stronger than whatever obstacles stand in my way.

5. I’m grateful for everything my body allows me to do.

6. I can have a good day, even when I’m not comfortable in my body.

7. I am ruled by my positive thoughts, not negative ones.

8. Beauty is a state of mind.

9. I don’t need to compare myself to others to feel good about myself.

10. My flaws are unique and beautiful.

11. I believe in myself.

12. I can succeed at whatever I choose to.

13. Today, I choose happiness and self-acceptance.

14. I’m building a positive body image.

15. I’m learning to love myself.

16. My self-acceptance is beginning to change the way other people see me.

17. I am finding it easier to feel confident in the way I look.

18. Feeling positive about my body is normal for me.

19. I deserve to be confident and happy.

20. I am growing more beautiful and more amazing each day.