10 Things To help boost your Confidence



Here are 10 things to help boost your confidence for boudoir photo session.

1. Groom yourself.
It’s amazing how much a shower, scrub, shampoo, shaving can make a difference in your confidence and self-image.

2. Dress nicely.
Dressing nicely can make you feel good about yourself especially after grooming yourself. Like you are ready to take on the world and stop traffic!! Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself whether it’s that pair of jeans and nice shirt, that little black dress or that nice piece of lingerie. Just put on whatever expresses that gorgeous woman that makes you feel powerful and amazing.

More than just Photos: it’s the Glow and Confidence



3. Set a small goal and achieve it.
Instead of going for the moon, shoot for something much easier. Set a goal you know you can achieve and stick to that. You’ll feel so good about doing that one thing, you’ll do another. The more you take on small goals, the better you’ll be successful, and the better you’ll feel good about yourself. Soon you’ll be setting bigger goals.

4. Exercise.
I know we all dread that one!! All you have to do is take a walk a couple of times a week and you’ll see the benefits and just grow from there. Exercise is good for the mind and soul.

5. Empower yourself with knowledge.
A good way to build your confidence is with knowledge. Knowledge, education, intelligence is a great way to build your confidence and feel empowering. The Internet is a great tool, as well as the people around you, books, magazines, or any educational products. We can all learn something on a daily basis. Knowledge is power.

6. Stand up straight and smile.
Research shows that good posture helps with confidence and gives you the power to believe in yourself. Just by pulling your shoulders back and turning your lips up a bit will make you feel powerful and proud of your presence.

7. Do something crazy.
Tell your significant other how your really love them, go on a random tinder date, speak your mind even if it will rub someone the wrong way, dance in the rain, go out to dinner alone, send out that email you’ve been scared to send. Every time you push your own boundaries, you’re reminded of your power and the fact that you can do anything you want to.

8. Make time for your friends
No one lifts you up more than your good friends. They know your strengths and your weaknesses. They know how to make you laugh until you pee in your pants. They rejuvenate and push you forward so make time for them.

9. Make a list
Write down 5 things that make you a badass and place it somewhere you will see it everyday. Then after a week add 5 more things and keep growing your list. Seeing your attitude change will surely grow your confidence.

10. Book a shoot at Chantal Benoit Photography!
I am not just saying this because I’m a good boudoir photographer. I am taking the words of my clients and handing them to you. This empowering experience is life changing. I’ll do the fancy work, blast you with compliments, pamper you and boost your confidence. You will walk out feeling like a goddess.

Connect with me now at 613-841-1469 or by email to book your empowering experience. Take the plunge. Be more happy and confident with yourself!