10 Holiday Gift Ideas for your man

wedding gift for the groom

The holidays are just around the corner so I thought I would share 10 gift ideas for the man in your life.

1. Sweets. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. My husband loves Lindt chocolates so anything I get him his favorite chocolate he’s very happy.

2. DIY photo frame or photo album of places you have been together or activities you have done. I’ve seen many of my brides offer this to their husband to be on their wedding day and it was amazing to see the look on their faces as the photos brought them back memories.

wedding gift for the groom


3. Books as the reading may bring relaxation when life is hectic. My husband loves anything related to scuba diving and usually brings his reading during our holidays so he can read and rest on the beech at the same time listen to the birds and the sound of the ocean.

4. A night away. Especially if he has a high stress job or is just going through something. A night away from everything, even if not far, will get his mind off of things and help him re-energize.

5. Bake something. After a long days work he will appreciate sitting in front of the TV with his treat. Home made cooking is always the best and seems to bring comfort.

6. Movie night with some of his favourite films. Ok that’s a gift for me as well!!! My husband and I like to crash in front on the TV on weekends in our pjs with a home cook dinner, a glass of wine and watch a comedy. It helps us relax and gets our mind off of many things.

7. Tools. What guy doesn’t like tools!!!



8. Romantic picnic. Bring wine and cheese or snacks in bed while watching a movie can be romantic.

9. A personalize message mug. His own special mug may be a really cute gift to enjoy his morning coffee or tea while going to work.

10. Fill his room with balloons and photos of the two of you.

Bonus Tip: A little black book filled with your favorite boudoir photos done by Chantal Benoit Photography. Watch the look on his face as he looks through them.

boudoir photo album book

I hope your have enjoyed these ideas. Would love to hear of any ideas that you may have.

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