10 Familiar insecurities – which one is yours?

classy boudoir for mature woman

classy boudoir for mature woman


I really want to do a boudoir shoot BUT……

1) I need to lose 10 lbs

2) I am so not photogenic

3) I have nothing to wear

4) I don’t know how to pose

5) I don’t look like the ladies on your website

6) I want to hit the gym and tone up more

7) It’s not a good time

8) I have no idea what to do with photos of myself

9) My car broke

10) My husband said that

Do any of these sound familiar? Guess what? They are all excuses, and lame ones!

You might feel a little unsure about having your photos professionally taken, that’s normal- humans are pretty stubborn creatures!

What’s funny is that the things that is holding you back from having your photos taken are not new, they’re the same excuses for everyone.

Here are reasons why you must do a boudoir shoot:

1. I know how to pose you so that you look 10 lbs slimmer and I have Photoshop.

2. You are photogenic, it’s just that no one has ever showed you how to pose so that you look great in a photo.

3. You don’t need fancy clothes. A white t-shirt can make you look amazing as it’s about you, not the clothes.

4. You don’t need to learn how to pose since I am bossy and will tell you what to do.

5. The ladies on my website had professional hair and makeup done, posing and Photoshop.

6. It will never be a good time and unless you actually book a session, chances are you will not “hit the gym.”

7. There are plenty of things you can do with photos of yourself.

8. My car or fridge broke is the most lame excuse I hear and my husband says a lot of things as well and you should see me reaction!!!!

None of us are supermodels. We’re moms, business women, wives, sisters, caregivers etc.

Don’t let any of these excuses hold you back! It is actually because of who you are that you deserve to reconnect with your inner goddess.

Some women fear the fire some women simply become it… Which are you?

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